The Role of Modern Home Security

There was a time when home security systems were marketed only to wealthy neighborhoods. Today, security cameras are more accessible and affordable than ever before. What’s more, the role of modern home security has shifted over the past decade. There are now better reasons for homeowners to invest in security. Call 1-866-364-5184 to discuss home security and our ADT Home Security Packages. Here are some benefits to home security in modern society:


Security systems are no longer considered a luxury, designed only for wealthy homeowners. Home security is more affordable than ever before. ADT Smart Alarm Source offers affordable security, safety monitoring, and home automation to homeowners of every income level. Every home should be protected, instead of only the most wealthy. Protect your home and your family with affordable security solutions.


A security system doesn’t just make your home safer, it makes the entire neighborhood safer. With video evidence becoming more of a factor in high profile cases, security cam footage can be the difference in justice for criminal proceedings. Police are able to use security footage to determine the details of criminal incidents. Of course, homeowners would still have to grant permission for the video use, since it is considered their property.


Technological advancements have made security systems increasingly useful. Homeowners can now take advantage of things like smart door locks and garage systems, eliminating traditional marks of entry for burglars. Home sensors and remote monitoring help homeowners keep eyes on their home at all times. You can even enjoy vacations without the stress security concerns. Monitor your entryways at all time, and easily alert authorities when trespassing does occur. Call 1-866-364-5184 for ADT home security.