Preventing Burglaries at Open Houses

Open House

Realtor Sponsored Open Houses Can Be an Inviting Opportunity for Thieves

One of the most advantageous settings for discreet burglars is real estate showings, specifically open houses. These events literally open the front door for complete strangers, many of whom you have no idea of their intentions or criminal background. Since nearly 66% of all burglaries are residential, an open house sign is an invitation to thieves. With that said, the house must endure the selling process and you should focus on these theft prevention tactics:

Be Prepared

It may seem depressing, but during open houses you have to assume the worst. That doesn’t mean you screen your visitors or implicate them as criminals, it simply means the following:

  • Monitor Activity: Ask your real estate agent to keep an eye out for any overtly suspicious behavior, and arm your home security camera (if you have one) to record entry points
  • Safeguard Valuables: Take any remaining valuables that you can’t afford to lose and move them into storage, or the home of a friend or family member
  • Stage Your Home: Have your home staged by your real estate service instead of leaving all of your own pictures, furniture, and kitchen decorations for the taking

Again, it is not pleasant to assume the worst but you would rather be safe than sorry. If you require a home security system for extra precaution, contact ADT Smart Security Source and ask about our security packages.

Communicate With Your Realtor

Before you agree to an open house, discuss the possibility of a burglary with your real estate agent. If they have your best interest at heart, they will value your concerns and take steps for extra precaution. Some of those might include:

  • Crime Research: Check your local crime statistics with neighborhood scout and review the number of home burglaries reported in the area
  • Check In’s: Have a signup sheet at the front of the open house (ID required) — interested buyers will have no problem signing in and people are less likely to commit theft when their identification has been recorded
  • Visit Scheduling: Require any attendees of the open house to schedule via phone

Taking these steps can prevent unnecessary burglaries during your open house. Many of these tactics apply to individual house showings as well. Always be prepared but professional. Invest in home automation from ADT Smart Security Source to give you and your realtor increased peace of mind. Call 1-866-364-5184 for more information.