Fire Detection & Home Security

Fire Detection Monitoring

Protect Your Family and Home With Home Safety Monitoring From ADT Smart Security Source

When most people think about home alarm systems, they are thinking about burglary prevention, trespasser deterrence, etc. But one of the most underrated factors in a home alarm system in fire detection. ADT offers fire detection alarms as part of our home safety monitoring packages. In contrast to intrusion alerts that must be activated, fire alarms work at all times. Think about the following circumstances where this would be extremely beneficial:

  • Insurance Savings: Depending on the policy of your insurance company, home safety monitoring can reward you with additional savings
  • On Vacation: Traditional smoke detectors will alert you of a fire at home but they don’t serve much purpose while you’re away — that’s not the case with fire detection monitors which can summon help from the monitoring center
  • Pet Safety: Our pets are often home alone during the day and a smoke alarm won’t do them much good without monitoring to ensure that help is on the way
  • Trapped: Most fire deaths aren’t caused by the flames, but rather by the smoke, so what good is being alerted of a fire if you are trapped in a smoke filled room — safety monitoring will send necessary help in a situation like this

The majority of fire deaths occur from a lack of smoke detectors, or units with dead batteries. This can be easily avoided by investing in home safety monitoring from ADT Smart Security Source. Not only will you be alerted in the case of a home emergency, but your safety will be continually monitored. For home security monitoring and fire detection, give us a call at 1-866-364-5184.