Common Access Points for Burglars

Residential Home With Sliding Back Door

That Sliding Back Door Can Be Perceived as a Great Opportunity for Burglars

Home security systems are reliable, affordable ways to protect your home and family from burglary, theft, and property destruction. But as winter is approaching, visibility becomes more distorted, and burglars may try to find entry points to your home while you’re either away from your house entirely, or in another room away from the main living area. A great way to protect your home and family is with one of our many ADT Home Security Packages. As you decide on which package is best for you, consider these common access points for home burglars:

Back Sliding Door

That’s right, that convenient sliding door that leads to your backyard pool can actually be a target for intruders. They see these doors as an opportunity to avoid recognition from police or citizens driving by the neighborhood, or neighbors working in their yards. Sliding doors tend to have particularly faulty locks that are easier to pick than a normal front door bolt lock.

Garage Door

The danger of a garage door is two fold. First, residents have a tendency to leave their garage doors closed but unlocked, especially at certain times during the day. Secondly, they often leave unlocked the subsequent door that leads from the garage into the house. They look at it as a convenient way to get in and out of their house easily but burglars see it is a malicious opportunity. Your best course of action is to invest in a sturdy garage door lock, and to avoid leaving garage door openers in your car.

Low Level Windows

Windows are known as the least sturdy access point to your home. They don’t have the durability of a front door lock, or even a garage door lock. Instead, burglars see an opportunity to slide open the window by using their own force, or a crowbar. As part of ADT’s Pulse Security Package you can ensure that windows are armed with sensors, and can be constantly monitored for suspicious activity. If you require a home security system from ADT, give us a call now at 1-866-364-5184.