Unity, PA ADT Home Security Monitoring

Family Spending Time TogetherADT Smart Alarm Source offers you the security your home needs with the latest residential security system in Unity, PA. We offer the latest equipment paired with reasonably priced security packages for your home, giving you the most comprehensive coverage for your security concerns. With packages ranging between basic alarm systems to the full security of our ADT Pulse Tier III packages, home security has not more attainable. Our plans have easy monthly pricings and vary from basic monitoring to full home automation services, such as remote door lock and thermostat management. Need help choosing which package will fit your residence? Our security specialists are on hand, prepared to answer your residential defense questions and help you select your new home security system and package. Call us at 1-866-364-5184 for your residential security system.

ADT Offers:

  • Alarm Monitoring – Customers can be sure that their house is always connected in case of an emergency situation.
  • Motion Sensors – When using ADT Pulse, you’ll be able to use motion detection along with your security cameras so detected motion will trigger the cameras to record the activity.
  • Remote Access – Check-in on the status of your motion sensors, locks, and home security system wherever you are so you know that your house is safe and secure.
  • Security Cameras – Using home security cameras along with the ADT Pulse application, you have the ability to check in on your property from any internet connected device.
  • Safety Monitoring – When you sign up for safety monitoring, ADT Customer Monitoring Centers will be alerted of fire, dangerous CO levels, or flooding occurring in your house.
  • Smart Home Automation – Using home automation might be something as simple as turning on a light whenever a motion detector is triggered.

Serenity With Residential Alarm Monitoring

Phone App for Home SecurityIt is important for everyone with a home security system in Unity, PA to know that your home is being monitored. Our ADT system keeps your residence and loved ones secure through consistent, continuous monitoring all day. When your alarm is set off, two-way voice connection permits you to talk with a live security agent at the time of the alarm. A live home alarm representative can help you with your needs, from easy security accidents to a need for emergency services. When you are away from your home, relax with the knowledge you have consistent residential monitoring services through your ADT home security system. Even when you are on vacation, live security representatives will make sure your residence is secure.

Crime Statistics for Unity, PA

  • Property Crime


  • Larceny


  • Motor Vehicle Theft


  • Aggravated Assault


  • Robbery


  • Burglary


There are an estimated 3.7 million robberies each year nationwide; that is roughly 255 that take place in a city like Unity. Keeping your house protected can deter property damage and loss of valuables! 29.9% of homes in Unity, PA will lose more than $1,000 in possessions during a home invasion. When someone robs your home they are more likely to go after credit cards, cash, and electronics. There are around 83 home invasions in Unity, PA where the homeowner’s expensive electronics are stolen and 74 where wallets and credit cards are taken.

78 home invasions each year are forced entry robberies, meaning, not only are your possessions stolen, but your home is damaged as well. 44% of homes are broken into by breaking and removing a door while 30% is caused by damaging a window. Keeping your home protected with alarm monitoring and security cameras can help keep robbers from ever coming near your home.

Do you know when a home invasion more likely to occur? If you think most break-ins occur during the night, think again! Burglars prefer empty homes, giving them time to get in and out with your belongings quickly without worrying about being found out. Only 66 home invasions happen at night in Unity, PA while 110 of them happen during the day. Most home invasions happen while occupants are working. But there’s a reason why it’s recommended that homeowners wait to add vacation mentions on social media until AFTER you’ve come home. Nearly 23% of burglaries happen while the residents are gone on vacation.

All figures are estimates based on local population and national averages

Home Alarm Systems For Your Comfort

Family Home at NightPeace of mind and security are yours with video surveillance of your house. Whether your residence has high traffic or you have a loved one you want to check on, secure real-time video surveillance will give you the chance to make sure they are ok. It is not unusual for family members in a hurry to forget to deactivate their home security system. Live security agents will speak with you in this situation. From there, video surveillance allows you to affirm that your alert was set off by your family member. Live video streaming makes it easy. To get started on a residential security system, talk with one of our expert security specialists. For a residential alarm system in Unity, PA, call 1-866-364-5184 for ADT Smart Alarm Source.