Jefferson City, MO Security Cameras from ADT

Family Spending Time TogetherFor all of your home alarm needs, ADT is the company to contact for a premium residential security system in Jefferson City, MO.Our home security system utilizes the foremost devices and select service to offer you the sense of security you deserve at an affordable rate.Designed to meet your home’s security needs, ADT Smart Alarm Source offers a variety of security bundles for your home.. In order to assist you, ADT Smart Alarm Source provides several plans for home security, designed to give you peace of mind.

ADT Provides:

  • Alarm Monitoring – When you sign up for ADT security services your home will be monitored 24/7.
  • Motion Sensors – When using ADT Pulse, you’ll be able to connect motion detectors with security cameras so detected motion will prompt the cameras to record the activity.
  • Remote Access – The ADT Pulse app gives you the ability to control your home security system from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Security Cameras – Using security cameras along with the ADT Pulse application, you have the ability to check in on your property from any smartphone, computer, or tablet.
  • Safety Monitoring – Prevent safety issues in your home when you use safety monitoring in addition to your home alarm monitoring services from ADT Alarm Services.
  • Smart Home Automation – Using home automation could be something as simple as turning on a light whenever a motion sensor is triggered.

Relax With Home Alarm Monitoring

Home Security AppAssuming and knowing your home alarm system in Jefferson City, MO are totally contrasting things. With our residential security system, you will never have to wonder. Worry no longer with constant monitoring through home protection from ADT systems. A live security representative watches your residence, contacting you through two-way voice connection at the time of an alarm incident. When this occurs, the agent will dispatch emergency services to you when there is an emergency. Comfort comes with consistent residential monitoring services from ADT residential alarm system. Your residence receives quality security, meaning you can relax on holiday.

Crime Statistics for Jefferson City, MO

  • Property Crime


  • Larceny


  • Motor Vehicle Theft


  • Aggravated Assault


  • Robbery


  • Burglary


There are an estimated 3.7 million home break-ins each year nationwide; that is roughly 492 that take place in a city like Jefferson City. Keeping your house protected can reduce chances of property damage and loss of valuables! 29.9% of homes in Jefferson City, MO will lose more than $1,000 in items stolen during a home invasion. When someone robs your home they are more likely to go after electronics, wallets, and credit cards. There are around 160 home invasions in Jefferson City, MO where the homeowner’s expensive electronics are stolen and 142 where wallets and credit cards are taken.

151 home invasions each year are forced entry break-ins, meaning, not only are your possessions stolen, but your home is damaged too. 44% of properties are broken into by breaking and removing a door while 30% is caused by damaging a window. Keeping your house protected with a burglar alarm and home security cameras can help deter robbers from ever coming near your home.

When is a home invasion most likely to occur? If you think most happen at night, think again! Robbers opt for empty homes, giving them time to get in and out with your belongings quickly without worrying about being found out. Only 128 home invasions happen at night in Jefferson City, MO while 212 of break-ins happen during daylight hours. Most robberies happen while occupants are away working. But there’s a reason why it’s advised that homeowners wait to add vacation photos on social media until AFTER you’ve returned home. Nearly 23% of burglaries happen while the homeowners are gone on vacation.

All figures are estimates based on local population and national averages

Comfort and Home Alarm Systems for Your Residence

Home Break-inKeep a watchful eye on your house even while you are away. With secure real-time video, you can check on your pets and loved ones guaranteeing they return home safely. A loved one forgetting to disarm the home security system can lead to an awkward situation. With our live video feed system, you can identify your family member has arrived at home and confirm with live alarm system representative that emergency services are not required. With a video surveillance system, it’s so simple. Let’s get started on your home security today! Dial ADT Smart Alarm Source at 1-866-364-5184 to install your home alarm system in Jefferson City, MO.