Advantages of a Motion Detector Alarm

Motion Detector AlarmADT Smart Security Source is constantly evolving to better protect homes and families from criminal activity. Modern technology has produced exciting new security options for homeowners. Home security motion sensors, sometimes known as motion detector alarms, are a great way to oversee large spaces around your home, without requiring a sensor on every door and window. To learn more about home security motion sensors, call 1-866-364-5184. Here are some advantages of a motion detector alarm:


Burglar Deterrence

Infrared technology signals an alarm whenever human movement is recorded outside your home. Statistics show that a sounding alarm helps deter would be burglars. In situations like this, the trespasser is most likely to retreat as quickly as possible. Whether individuals are at home when the alarm sounds, or away, ADT Customer Monitoring Center will be notified immediately and determine the proper course of action that should proceed.

Custom Installation

At ADT Smart Security Source, our expert home security installers will assist you in determining the best locations for sensors around your property. Much of it will depend on the layout of your home, and the specific entry points that potential burglars would attempt to utilize. Instead of an inefficient “one size fits all” installation, we prioritize the overall security of your home, and tailor our installation to meet your personal security needs.

Pet Friendly

If you are concerned about the family dog or cat setting off false alarms, don’t be. A motion detector alarm uses mass and temperature to differentiate animal movement from human movement. False alarms will not be an issue with ADT Smart Security Source. We believe that home security should not create a headache for homeowners, but rather an enhanced peace of mind.