Home Security Motion Sensors

Keep your home secure with motion detection through ADT. Motion sensors are a great way to monitor large areas to your home without having to install a sensor on every door and window. When you get home security with ADT, a professional security installer will help you determine where to install motion detection and door sensors throughout your home to keep it completely secure. Find out more by calling 1-866-364-5184.

Motion SensorsMotion sensors are built to read infrared energy levels to pick up on the movement of a person inside your home. Pet owners need not worry about family cat or dog tripping the sensor every time it enters the room. The motion detectors use both temperature and mass to determine whether the movement is being made by a person or an animal to eliminate false alarms.


Glassbreak and Shock Sensors

There are cases when an intruder will attempt to enter a home by breaking glass, whether it is a glass door or a window close enough to a door that the lock could be reached through the broken glass. Having a glass break sensor installed gives you added protection in the event or a door or window being broken. The alarm will sound and the ADT Customer Monitoring Center will be notified immediately.

Status and Notifications with ADT Pulse

mobile phone searchWant to make sure that your senors and motion detectors are all up and running? The quickest way to view the status of all the security equipment in your home is with the ADT Pulse app. Quickly review connected devices throughout your home to ensure everything is online and active. ADT Pulse has many features to enhance your home security system. Call 1-866-364-5184 to learn more!

ADT Home Security

Each security package we offer comes with a motion sensor to install in a room of your choice. Want to have an extra motion detector installed or add on a shock sensor? The home security plans we offer are fully customizable to suit you best. For more information about the sensors and other security equipment you can have installed in your home, contact our team of ADT security specialists today at 1-866-364-5184.