Smart Home Automation with ADT Pulse

Home automation adds convenience by taking over some of the simple day to day tasks you have to do. It also enhances your security system by adding additional features and adding new ways you can customize your system. Security with home automation is a great way to ensure your home is safe, secure, and comfortable.

Family Connected to the Internet

Find out more about ADT Pulse with home automation when you call 1-866-364-5184. Our security specialists will help you find the perfect home security and automation set-up that is designed specifically to your house. Want to view and compare our current security plans? You can see all of our current offers here on our website! Or fill out our contact form to find out more information via email.

Smart Lighting

Smart Lights

With the ADT Pulse app and smart light modules, you can create groups of lights by room or activity and control them from your phone or tablet. If you forget and leave lights on when you leave, you can view your connected lights from the app and switch them off instantly. With automation and scheduling you can:

  • Schedule lights to turn on in the evenings as it gets dark
  • Set lights to turn on when a motion sensor is triggered
  • Automate lights to turn off when the alarm has been armed

Make your lighting work for you and your schedule. Just set up times or triggers to turn the lights off or on when you need them to be.


Just like the light modules, smart appliance modules connect to your small appliances in order to automate more daily activities. Need to schedule a time for the coffee pot to turn on in the mornings and turn off as you leave for work? Maybe you want to schedule the TV and speakers to shut off at a certain time every night. Smart appliance modules make for excellent safety measures when used with items such as a hair straightener or a portable heater that could turn into potential hazards if left on by accident.

Programmable Thermostats

Nest Thermostat for Smart Home Automation

Temperature Control

Smart thermostats are becoming more popular as a way to decrease energy use and lower the monthly utility bill. If you would like to include a smart thermostat with your home automation system through ADT Pulse, give our team of security specialists a call at 1-866-364-5184.

The Nest thermostat is the ultimate temperature control tool that does all the work for you. Its auto-scheduling feature will gradually learn to set the temperature on its own based on your habits and changes in settings. With the auto-away feature, Nest will adjust the temperature so heating and cooling isn’t wasted while no one is home. You’ll be able to access your Nest thermostat from your phone to change the settings remotely when needed.

Garage Door Control

Garage Door of Home

Garage Door Control

When you install ADT smart home equipment in your home you never have to worry about whether
your home is secure while you are away. ADT Pulse gives you the ability to check in from any mobile device to make sure everything is okay at home. This includes your garage door! With a Z-Wave Garage Door Controller, you don’t have to wonder if the door shut after you left. Simply check in on the app and shut it remotely. The app even lets you set up a notification if the door has been left open for a certain length of time.

The Z-Wave Controller is wireless and connects with your alarm system as well. This gives you extra control by setting up a schedule so the door opens or shuts based on whether the alarm system is armed. It also includes a monitor so you will receive a notification if the door is in use.

Door Locks

Kwikset Door Lock

Door Locks

Automatic door locks give you an added sense of security. Whether the doors are locked automatically whenever the alarm system is armed or you set it to notify you of a door left unlocked, you have control of your home’s security no matter how far you are from home. You’ll be able to lock or unlock your doors remotely, so if you need to let in a friend or service person or you simply forgot your keys, you have instant access to your home through your smartphone.

Get smart door locks as part of the ADT Pulse with Home Automation bundle. With automation and home security you’ll be able to have peace of mind knowing that your family and property are always secure. Contact us now to get started on your ADT Security system by calling 1-866-364-5184.