Home Security Features

We want our customers to feel safe and secure in their homes, which is why we offer top quality security products and services. All features provided in ADT home security systems are built for fast installation, without the fuss of changing wiring in your home, and ease of use. Talk to an ADT specialist today to build a customizable security system to protect your home. Give us a call at 1-866-364-5184 and find out if same day installation is available in your area.

Home Security Features in Smartphone App

Take a look at the features available for Basic, Cell, and Pulse security packages:

Alarm Monitoring – With a security system from ADT you get dependable alarm monitoring from the #1 home security provider in North America

Control Panels – Easy to use and customizable alarm control panels make it simple to interact and modify your alarm system.

Sensors – Door and window sensors will notify you when one of the sensors has been tripped. The sensors are connected to your alarm system so ADT Monitoring Centers are notified of unauthorized entry into your home.

Motion Detectors – Monitor large rooms in your home with a motion detector. These wireless devices will trigger an alarm when an intruder is present. These are designed with pets in mind so you don’t have to worry about false alarms.

Home Safety – In addition to alarm monitoring, ADT offers safety monitoring as a safeguard to ensure that you and local emergency responders are notified in the event of fire, flooding, or high carbon monoxide levels.

Home safety equipment and monitoring is available as an upgrade to all of our current home security plans. Check out our current offerings online or give us a call at 1-866-364-5184.

ADT Pulse Features

ADT Pulsechecking mobile app offers all of the latest technology in home security and smart home automation.

App – The Pulse companion app gives you control over your alarm system and home automation all from your smartphone.

Video Surveillance – With Pulse + Video, you can view live recording or play it back, whether you are at home or on the go.

Home Automation – ADT Pulse comes with a variety of home automation tools that makes your day to day routines simpler with scheduling, notifications, and mobile access.

ADT brings the best in home security through top quality alarm systems and award winning security monitoring through their six Customer Monitoring Centers. Get your ADT system setup and installed when you call 1-866-364-5184.