ADT Pulse App

Simplify home automation and controlling your security system, from anywhere, with the ADT Pulse  app that allows you to connect to your home security remotely. ADT Pulse includes the best in home security solutions and smart home automation. Call 1-866-364-5184 to find out if Pulse is right for your home!

Girl Using ADT Pulse App

The ADT Pulse App Makes It Easy To:

Arm or Disarm Your Alarm System
Now you don’t need to enter a code when you come in, just simply disarm your system from your phone with a touch of a button. Forget to arm your alarm system before leaving the house? The Pulse App allows you to check on the status of your alarm system and arm it remotely. You can even set up a notification to remind you to arm the alarm system if you didn’t do it on your way out.

Check the Status of Door, Window, and Motion Sensors
Any equipment installed and connected to your alarm system is all displayed within the app so you can see at a glance which items are actively working to secure your home and can alert you if a sensor is broken or has a low battery.

View Live Video from Your Cameras
With Pulse + Video, you can view live feeds from the cameras installed in and around your home. If a motion detector is tripped, you’ll be able to receive a notification and check your cameras for any unexpected arrivals or a potential break in.

Adjust the Temperature
Pulse + Home gives you security and home automation controls right from your phone. The app will allow you to view current temperatures and adjust the thermostats in your home so you can ensure your home is comfortable for the arrival of guests or save money by limiting the use of the heating and cooling while you are away.

Turn Lights or Appliances On or Off
Forget to turn off the coffee pot before leaving for work in the morning? With smart appliance modules, you can switch off appliances, light and more from any of your mobile devices. These home automation features adds convenience and helps you save energy by reducing the use of electricity while you’re not at home.

These are just some of the benefits you get when you have an ADT Pulse security system installed in your home. Talk to a security specialist to sign up for home security and have top quality security and home automation equipment installed in your home. Call now at 1-866-364-5184 to see if same day installation is available where you live.