5 Advantages of Home Alarm Systems

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Only 15% of homeowners have an alarm system, yet those same systems can stop attempted burglaries 60% of the time

Protecting home and family is the number one priority for most people. Still, only about 15% of homes are equipped with alarms or security systems. If homeowners knew the benefits of an alarm system and how much it can help deter home robberies, they would likely reconsider investing in one. If you are thinking about investing in an alarm system, call 1-866-364-5184 to speak with one of ADTs security expert. Here are 5 advantages of home alarm systems:

Deter Burglars

Despite the plethora of residual benefits, home alarm systems are designed for the purpose of deterring criminals. An estimated 60% of burglaries attempted on home’s with alarm systems, proved unsuccessful. Studies indicate that 85% of police officials believe that home security systems help deter burglaries.

Insurance Rate Discount

In many cases, the installation of a home alarm system will lower your insurance rate. Insurance companies feel that the increased protection, decreases the likelihood of a burglary or home invasion. Depending on your provider, insurance rates can decrease by as much as 20%. Contact your insurance company directly for discount inquirers.

Immediate Alerts

One of the best components of an ADT Home Alarm System, is its ability to alert our Customer Monitoring Center immediately. In cases where you are unable to contact emergency services, ADT will contact them for you. This puts homeowners at peace of mind, knowing most steps in the process are handled directly by ADT.

Mobile Device Access

Have you ever considered the possibilities of accessing your alarm system from your mobile device? By using the ADT Pulse app, you can control your alarm system from anywhere in the world. If you forgot to give the neighbor a key, or you just forgot to activate your alarm before you left, the Pulse app can solve the problem with one click.

Remote Control

ADT security packages come with a remote control keychain that allows you to arm and disarm your alarm system, without ever getting up. This becomes convenient for homeowners who have people coming in and out of their home regularly. Families with young children might be inclined to disarm the system at certain times during the day. To speak with a security professional about your ADT Home Alarm System, call us at 1-866-364-5184