Are Dogs Good For Security?

At ADT Smart Alarm Source, we know that families often count on multiple layers of security, from high tech to old fashioned! Some families even count on four-legged friends for added security!

Yes, dogs are good for security. All dogs, big or small, can be effective at scaring off a burglar, due to their ability to hear and smell intruders long before you can, and their natural instincts to bark and alert you of danger! Burglars always avoid situations that may bring attention to themselves. If you have an alarm system and a loyal dog, you can rest easy knowing your house definitely isn’t worth the effort to the common burglar. But keep in mind that a dog isn’t a substitute for a real alarm system.

Protect Fido Too!

While a furry friend helps your case, your pet isn’t a valid substitute for a security system. In fact, as a beloved member of your family, you should want to protect your pup from danger too, and not just burglars!

Are dogs good for security?

Are dogs good for security? Learn how you can keep your dog as safe as he keeps you!

With ADT home surveillance, you are able to check on your home throughout the day, and even check on your furry friends, with video capabilities! You also don’t have to worry about your pets setting off our motion sensors, as they were designed with your companions in mind.

Aside from home security, there a few other things you can do to protect your pup when you aren’t home, and to keep them from getting into trouble.

Have A Special Area For Your Pup

For some dogs, you may need to have a special crate for them. If not, you may want to set a particular room for your dog while you are away, free from hazards like cords and chemicals.

Keep Them Exercised And Stimulated

Bored dogs are mischievous dogs, and mischievous dogs can be a hazard to your home and themselves! Remember to walk your dog before you leave, and supply your dog with toys that keep them sufficiently entertained while you are away.

Let Their Presence Be Known

If an emergency happens while you are away from your home, it is important that your local authorities know you have pets inside. If you are making a call to the dispatcher, you can let them know then. However, it is wise to have decals on your window that note how many pets you have so first responders can know what to look for.

Keep The Whole Family Safe With ADT Smart Alarm Source

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